Posted by: playingmanyparts | August 14, 2008

Unto You Oh Lord – Psalm 25:1&2

Psalm 25:1-2

To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul. 2O my God, in you I trust; let me not be put to shame; let not my enemies exult over me.

There was a little song I learned at Bible camp (just a couple of years ago when I was in jr high) when I was younger that I have been trying to sing to myself and focus on today. It is based solely on the words of Psalm 25:1-2. I tried to find a copy of it online, but can’t.

I need to lift up my soul to God today. I am tired, and worried, and I can’t seem to shake a dark cloud I have been under for a couple of months now. I feel afraid most of the time, afraid of the future, afraid of illness, afraid of unemployment and anything else my weak mind can grasp at. I do feel just that, weak. I know in my mind that I need to trust God, and I realized today that I really need to pray for inner peace as that is most alusive right now. I also know in my mind that worrying about tomorrow today is silly and serves no purpose and is sin, as I need to trust in the goodness of my loving heavenly father, but yet I can’t quite quiet my soul. It refuses to obey.

Basically, I guess my worry is an issue only God can resolve and perhaps I have been expecting to overcome it on my own, I’m not sure. I do know that I am going to pray for peace from now on. I am also going to keep that little song from camp in my head as often as I need to. You know, I also want to lift a HUGE thank you up to God for those summer camp leaders who taught us great songs that were simply verses of scripture put to a guitar. God knew I would need that verse today and he brought it to me 2. . .well. . .a few years ago!

Dearest father, thank you so much for your goodness and mercy. Thank you for providing what I need, when I need it. Thank you that you have written your word upon my heart and bring it to mind when I need a word from you. Thank you for your holy spirit who whispers your words in my ear at just the right moments and won’t let me forget your words or promises. Quiet my mind I pray. . and help me to trust you completely with my life, my whole life.



  1. I also think of that song often “Unto Thee O Lord” but couldn’t place where it was in Scripture–and yes, sometimes the simple songs contain the most profound thoughts and help in time of need! Will pray for peace for you for this day and the rest of this week–love, Mom


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